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Swimming pools have generally been rather ordinary; they were simply a hole in the ground that you filled with water to keep you cool in the summer. But, here at Bluescape Pools by Ranae, we believe in making swimming pools extraordinary.

Let us create your dream backyard.

Bluescape Pools by Ranae strives to do things in a much different way. We believe in the excellence of our pools both in their appearance and in their efficiency. Everything we use is as “water-wise” as possible, to better meet the needs of the West Texas market. We provide items such as salt chlorine generators, automatic acid dispensers, and a large variety of “green” energy efficient filters and pumps. These, along with in-floor cleaning systems, allow for total chemical and functional automation. And, every single aspect of your pool can be controlled in your hand with the touch of a button using our wireless remote control. Our higher standards mean that you will do less work to keep your pool clean, spend less time worrying about chemicals, and save money and resources on power and energy.

At Bluescape Pools by Ranae, we not only complete a traditional two-dimensional drawing of your pool, but we bring that drawing to life with a three-dimensional presentation that will show your pool from any angle in YOUR backyard! You see exactly what your new pool will look like before it is built, which allows for you to make any changes you want to the design before construction has begun.

Our trained and experience workers go above and beyond as we build to national pool standards while meeting, or exceeding, all local and state building codes for both residential and commercial jobs.  Our commitment to the newest training, continued education programs, and participation in industry trade shows allow us to remain the industry leader in West Texas.

The owner of Bluescape Pools by Ranae is an award winning pool designer whose work has been featured in many national architectural design publications. Our design team has over thirty-five years in the pool industry and a lifetime of work experience in the construction field. They provide a consultation, estimate, and three-dimensional presentation at no cost, so there is nothing to loose in taking the first steps to building the backyard of your dreams.

As we always say, just because you live in a desert, doesn't mean your backyard has to look like one!

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